The Hart Farms Annual Bull Sale was held at the ranch near Fredrick, SD on Monday, Feb 26, 2007
Recent snow storms in the area did not stop the Hart customers from making the trip to Frederick as 91 %
of the beef bulls sold to repeat buyers. The sale offering again this year included an outstanding set of Angus, Simmental and Sim-Angus herd sire prospects.

High Selling Honors:    

Lot #105     Hart Contender S115      $10,250
Zeis GCF Contender x Hart Miss Lionheart K060 Simmental
Buyer: WK Ranch, Gordon, NE

  Lot #101        Hart Precision 5913      $4,750
C&M Sterling Precision x Hart Pamela 2824 Angus
Buyer: Shad Albrecht, Columbia, SD

Lot #138      Hart Locator S422      $4,250
Cott Locator 582L x Hart Lady Festus J273 Simmental
Buyer: Gary Wiseman, Bryant, SD

Lot #9       Hart New Design 6687      $4,200
S A V New Design 3143 x Summitcrest Eline 4J61 Angus
Buyer: Gary Spah, Ashley, ND
  Lot #5      Hart New Design 6120      $4,000
S A V New Design 3143 x Mariah Of Westwind 103 Angus
Buyer: Adams Angus Ranch, Steele, ND
  Lot #140       Hart Pilot S215     $4,000
3C Pilot P4314 x Hart Lady Express J118 Simmental
Buyer: Dennis Didreckson, Britton, SD
  Lot #142       Hart New Design S059      $4,000
SAS/GGI New Design x Hart Miss Preferred Beef Simmental
Buyer: Shad Albrecht, Columbia, SD

Lot #24       Hart New Level 6071       $3,900
Ironwood New Level x Hart Rosella 4140 Angus
Buyer: Vernon Christensen, Hardwick, MN
  Lot #100      Hart Precision 5910      $3,900
C&M Sterling Precision x Westwind Whitney J L H 014 Angus
Buyer: Brian Peterson, Britton, SD
  Lot #57      Hart Traveler E12 6265      $3,800
Hilltops Traveler E12 x Hart Miss Heritage 7308 Angus
Buyer: Darin Zuehlke, Britton, SD

Lot #39      Hart Scotch Cap 6581      $3,700
M G S A 9440 Scotch Cap 924 x Hart New Design 594 Angus
Buyer: Brian Zuehlke, Britton, SD
  Lot #40      Hart Prime Cut 6012     $3,700
Three Trees Prime Cut 0145 x Hart Miss Traveler 234D 0195 Angus
Buyer: Daniel Barton, Ellendale, ND

Lot #12       Hart Empire 6036      $3,500
M A R Midland Empire 3092 x Hart Miss Right Time 2527 Angus
Buyer: Mike Waltman, Leola, SD

Lot #26      Hart Day Ahead 6675      $3,500
Mohnen Day Ahead 144 x Hart Mona 127 Angus
Buyer: Tim Kessler, Leola, SD

Charles Hart received an award from Eberspacher Ent Inc for his years of  dedication to the Angus and Simmental business.
  Lot #149       Hart E103N S382       $3,500
KenCo MLF E103N x Hart Miss Lucky Strike Simmental
Buyer: Clint Whetstine, Wellman, IA
  Lot #152      Hart E103N S502      $3,500
KenCo MLF E103N x Hart Lady Nasdaq L422 Simmental
Buyer: Gary Wiseman, Bryant, SD
  Lot #170      Hart Royal Flush S405       $3,500
KWF Royal Flush M8 x Hart Miss Big Stuff N393 Simmental
Buyer: Jonathan Nitschke, Jud, ND
  Lot #178     Hart Lewy S421      $3,200
BBS Lewy H7 x BBS Miss Perfect Expo K9 Simmental
Buyer: Gary Wiseman, Bryant, SD
  Lot #186      Hart Desperado Fleck S116      $3,200
SWS Desperado X Hart Miss Power Pack N06 Simmental
Buyer: Bohr Farms, Wellman, IA
  Lot #201      Hart Lewy S575      $3,100
Hart Lewy P474 x Hart New Design 3063 Sim-Angus
Buyer: Pat Knecht, Houghton, SD

Volume buyers: Tisher Ranch. Amherst, SD
Eli Buro, Oakes, ND and Kessler Brothers, Leola, SD

67 Angus bulls averaged $2184 & 66 Simmental bulls averaged $2230
133 head of Hart Farms Beef Bulls averaged $2207

Auctioneers: Craig & Al Conover, IA
Sale Management: Eberspacher Enterprises, Inc., MN




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